Looking for a Lead Consultant in SA

Twende is searching for a Lead Consultant to conduct a diagnostic of the supply and demand of Evaluators in South Africa. The Diagnostic of Evaluators falls under Output 3, to Increase Learning in Africa on strengthening national evaluation systems. The diagnostic of supply and demand of evaluators seeks to provide a country-specific demand-and-supply profile of [...]

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Online Theory of Change Course

Does monitoring and evaluation seem too technical? Are you grappling with logframes and indicators that don’t adequately tell the story of your programme? A Theory of Change (ToC) approach can help you situate complex social and development interventions. It is both a process and a product for explaining the various contributors to change, and the [...]

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Terms of Reference: App development

The Strengthening Legislative Oversight team at CLEAR-AA are looking to build an online tool for parliamentarians to use on oversight visits. Having no coding expertise themselves, they are looking to pay someone to help them with this exciting project. The Terms of Reference for a consultant/team/organisation can be found here. Proposals are due by the [...]

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