News from our collaborating partner country-Ghana

By Dr Nana Opare-Djan   Introduction Over the past year the M&E landscape in Ghana has seen tremendous measures towards  institutionalising development evaluation in the entire public sector. Contributions from several stakeholders at different fora, held across the country, gave indications of the high degree of interest in M&E especially the need in drafting of [...]

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Diagnostic Study On Demand And Supply Of Evaluators In Uganda Validation Workshop

By Doris Kembabazi Uganda, as with many African countries, exhibits a need to expand its existing pool of evaluators to ensure supply matches local demand and enable emerging evaluators to enter the market with fewer restrictions. This has been the focus of a recent Twende Mbele study, looking at the factors that influence change demand [...]

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Etude Diagnostique D’evaluation Des Performances De Gestion Du Service Public Au Benin

By Prosper Houssou Depuis les années 1999, le Bénin est passé de la gestion axée sur les moyens à la gestion axée sur les résultats. Cependant, après près de vingt ans d’expérience le système de gestion du service public au Bénin reste perfectible. Dans ce contexte et au regard des expériences des pays tels que [...]

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Evidenced Based Policy Making and Implementation Course: The Ugandan Chapter

By Doris Kembabazi There is an increasing pressure on policy makers to develop more effective policies to best direct and manage resources in more focused and efficient ways that result in improved implementation and outcomes. Evidence-based policy-making is an approach that has become increasingly prevalent in recent years in Africa. It is based on the [...]

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Etude Diagnostique De L’offre Et De La Demande D’evaluation Au Benin

By Prosper Houssou L’étude diagnostique de l’offre et de la demande d’évaluation au Benin, est focalisée sur le marché de l’évaluation avec ses forces et faiblesses, la capacité de l’offre en matière de services d’évaluation, la taille du marché de l’évaluation ainsi que les moyens pour parvenir à un équilibre entre l’offre et la demande [...]

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Building the Right Agency for institutional Reform: Adaptation of the MPAT in Benin and Uganda

By Aisha Ali   Setting the broader context: The need for institutional reform Institutional reforms have become the focus of many development programs within developing countries. On the whole, the portfolio of World Bank funds dedicated to large-scale institutional reform programs has grown by up to 80% since the 1990s. This is mainly because of [...]

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CLEAR Francophone Africa training calendar

The Centre for Learning on Evaluation and Results Francophone Africa, invites you to sign-up for any of the following training events. Check out the brochure here. BASIC M&E WORKSHOP (SERAF) DAKAR - 09 TO 20 APRIL /OUAGA - 01 TO 12 OCTOBER RESULTS-BASED M & E WORKSHOP ADAPTED TO PROJECTS AND PROGRAMS IN THE WASH [...]

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New Twende Collaborators

The Twende Mbele African M&E Partnership has agreed to collaborate with Ghana, Niger and Kenya with the founding countries of Benin, South Africa, Uganda. In Ghana we note the emerging emphasis on M&E and have agreed to support Ghana to participate in a range of Twende activities, and to support them to take forward their [...]

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