Welcome to our latest edition of the Pamoja newsletter. We are particularly proud and excited to have extended our partnership with the Hewlett Foundation for another two years. This gesture will deepen the scope of peer learning within the partnership, while allowing partner countries to continue strengthening their national evaluation system. In this edition of [...]

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An African Approach For Gauging The Gender Effectiveness Of National M&E Systems: An IDEV Article

The importance of strengthening national evaluation systems is gaining traction with more states investing in developing the evaluation capacity of their institutions and systems for improved program delivery. Embedded in that approach, is the development of homegrown evaluation tools to conduct country-driven evaluations to improve overall government efficiency and effectiveness. Mainstreaming gender into evaluation policies [...]

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Systems of Evidence in African Parliaments

Representatives from Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, The East African Legislative Assembly, South Africa, Malawi, and Ghana have called for improved research and evidence use in African Parliaments. They were hosted by the Parliament of Uganda for a workshop on research and evidence use in the Parliament Context. Link to interactive presentation...

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Atelier De Formation Des Parlementaires Du Reseau Apnode Benin En Suivi Evaluation

Les 28 et 29 septembre 2017, s’est tenu à l’Hôtel Djêgba de Ouidah, l’atelier de formation sur l’importance du suivi et l’évaluation pour le contrôle parlementaire au profit des parlementaires béninois membres du Réseau APNODE. Cette formation a été conjointement organisée par CLEAR Afrique Anglophone (CLEAR AA) et le programme de coopération en évaluation « Twendé [...]

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Reflection on the National Evaluation Policy Development Workshop

Reflection on the National Evaluation Policy Development Workshop hosted by Twende Mbele – Elizabeth M. Asiimwe Institutionalising evaluations among African Countries: what do we learn from each other? “Since the early 1990s, monitoring and evaluation (M&E) has seen a steep climb within Africa, in terms of practice, profession and academic study. As a field of [...]

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Reflections on ‘Made in Africa Evaluation’

Writing from the recent Winter School course in Johannesburg, Elizabeth Asiimwe from Uganda gives us her thoughts on a core part of the curriculum: Made in Africa Evaluation. […]

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Processus D’adaptation Du Management Performance Assessment Tool (Mpat) Au Benin

INTRODUCTION Dans la perspective d’améliorer les services publics rendus aux populations, le Gouvernement de l’Afrique du Sud a établi une coopération pour obtenir des résultats significatifs. Ainsi, un outil novateur d’évaluation de la performance et de la gestion a été développé. Inspiré du modèle canadien, cet outil est dénommé « le Management Performance Assessment Tool (MPAT) » [...]

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