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Since April 2016, Benin has a new government that places governance and accountability in the heart of action; the evaluation function is now in the Presidency, under the Minister of State, General Secretary of the Presidency. Twende Mbele’s main operational partner is the Bureau of public policy evaluation and government action analysis (BEPPAAG);

The role of the BEPPAAG has been extended to include the monitoring of public action by setting transversal performance indicator for each department and domain of public action;

With the support of UNICEF, Benin has developed and adopted an evaluation guideline since which presents the standards for evaluation in Benin. The guideline has been presented to community of evaluation practitioners during the Benin Evaluation Week, held in September 5th to 7th 2016, where it received positive responses.

In terms of future work to strengthen the National Evaluation System, the current Government of Benin is interested to review the constitution – at the Benin Evaluation Week, many of the participants recommended a change to the constitution to include. In addition, within the framework of strengthening the institutionalization of evaluation in Benin, with the financial support of UNICEF, Benin government has initiated the preparation of a draft law on the evaluation of public policies. There is also a support from the parliament for the ongoing process of elaboration of evaluation bill in Benin.

Benin Country Staff

Abdoulaye Gounou – Benin Country Lead

Abdoulaye Gonou was born in Parakou. Benin. Married, he holds a Diploma of Advanced Professional Studies of Senghor University of Alexandria, Egypt in business administration and project management and a Masters of Laws degree. Among other qualifying trainings, Mr Gounou have been exposed to a DGs Training in Cape Town organised by University of Cape Town (UCT) on Evidence Based Policy Making and Implementation (EMBP&I).

He has mainly occupied the following functions: (i) Technical Advisor for the Promotion of Private Sector Development for Minister of Economy and Finance (2006 to 2007) (ii) Technical Advisor for the promotion of companies of the state Minister in charge of development (2008 to 2011), (iii) Technical Advisor for the Promotion of Public-Private Partnership of the Prime Minister of Benin (2011 to August 2013), (iv) Director General of structural Reforms and Director General of Good Governance at the Ministry in charge of policy evaluation (August 2013-October 2015), (v) the Director General of evaluation at the Prime Minister’s office of Benin (from  October 2015 to august 2016) and (vi) Technical Adviser to the President of Benin Republic, in charge of Public Policies Evaluation and Government action analysis.

At these last positions he is involved in process and impact evaluation of public policies, capacity development events and collaborative projects eg. Benin evaluation days, regional colloquium in evaluation, Twende Mbele Programme with south Africa and Uganda, WACIE Programme with 3ie.

Damase Sossou – Benin Country Manager

Damase Eric SOSSOU was born was born in Cotonou, Benin. Married, he holds a Masters degree in Public Economy and Applied statistics from Institute for Empirical Research in Political Economy currently African School of Economics (ASE).

 He has mainly occupied the following functions : (i) Assistant of Director of Cabinet, Ministry of public policies evaluation (ii) Director for Performance monitoring, (iii) Deputy Director General of Evaluation and (iv) Head of public policies evaluation at Bureau of public policies evaluation and government action analysis, in the presidency.

Before the occupation of the above-mentioned functions, Mr. SOSSOU served from 2009 to 2012 as responsible for statistical studies to the Departmental Directorate of Planning and Development of Ouémé-Plateau then as a member of the monitoring and evaluation unit in the Department of programming and Planning of the Prime Minister of Benin. He has also capitalised on his experience in conducting statistical studies and impact evaluation as a research associate in the Institute for Empirical research in Political Economy.

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