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The Programme

At the heart of Twende Mbele is a desire to move beyond a network of people just sharing experience, toward a partnership where countries collaborate on developing and implementing M&E systems that improve government performance and impact on citizens. Twende engages with a variety of national governments who are interested to use M&E to strengthen government performance and accountability to citizens.

The Twende Mbele Programme currently involves four core country partners (Benin, South Africa, Ghana and Uganda), with two regional evaluation capacity development partners (CLEAR Anglophone Africa and the African Development Bank). Kenya and Niger joined the partnership as Collaborating Partners in 2018. These partners are learning from each other and more widely around how more effective monitoring and evaluation (M&E) systems at all levels of government can strengthen government performance. The UK Department of International Development and the Hewlett Foundation are the financial supporters of the Programme, with each of the core partners.


Improve performance and accountability of African governments to citizens


Facilitate programmes and activities geared towards the improvement of monitoring and evaluation (M&E) systems such as practices, policies, tools and procedures, based on shared experience operational in partner countries and more widely.

Twende Logic

The impact of the programme will be seen through more effective M&E systems being implemented widely across National governments and sustained beyond the programme period.  An effective M&E system is seen as one that is helpful, used, delivers value for money and doesn’t have too many unintended impacts such as the cost of collecting information, time and conflicts with other systems. It is also one that is used beyond the project initial partners (ie widely) and any changes adopted are sustained.

The immediate outcome is to get new systems, policies and practices operational across a range of government departments, while the sustainability will come through their institutionalisation.

The immediate outcome will lead to change at a widerlevel when partner countries (as well as new countries learning from Twende) implement more comprehensive and cohesive M&E systems, and show that evidence generated from M&E systems is beingused to inform policies and programme development. This will likely be supported by a strengthened M&E culture and ongoing learning and sharing for collaboration across the continent.

While the majority of activities happen between the core country partners, a much wider range of countries are involved in learning and sharing activities.

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